Hiro Noguchi
UI/UX Designer


Concrete team collaboration platform.


Your unique music discovering experience.

Eikyu Apparel

Eikyu works with artisans in Japan to create apparel of real quality; supremely comfortable yet also durable- a must for everyday wear.


Get all the feeds you need with your breakfast.

GQ App

Devise an alternative approach based on the same concept of MYGQ in order to improve user experience of saving and sharing feature within GQ ipad app.

Emotional State & Sound

How sound is transformed into brainwave, which influences the state of human brain, thus how we feel about the environment.

False Friends // Faux Amis

Publication of false friends between English & French.


Discovering most productive spaces around and local area based on rating given by the users.

Spirit of Japan

Creating an identity of Japan through environmental experience. By Using it's colour scheme to convey unique attribute of Japan to seduce the audience.

My Point of View

How people interact and communicate through online resources and visual elements are culturally specific.
About me

Hello! I'm recent graduate from Central Saint Martins with a degree in Graphic Design. I was born in Japan and grew up in Australia, and am currently living in London. I am keen enthusiast for technology and product UI/UX design. I love traveling, discoverying new things, and places.


Some of the company / people I worked with


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Mr. Noguchi displayed 1.) a highly developed ability to put himself 'into our shoes' to understand our requests & vision in order to develop a visual identity of our brand, 2.) a professional work attitude and capability, only to the highest level of service & creativity standards, 3.) highly effective communication skills 4.) a great understanding and appreciation for minimalism-focused brand attributes. Overall, I strongly endorse Mr. Noguchi and am sure that his work ethics and skills add significant value to any firm and organization.

- Martin Axnick, Managing Director of Evium Kyu S.L -


I'm always keen to share interesting things, and meeting interesting people.
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